Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Information

We got a FedEx with two more pictures and a little more information. Everything is from March, so when she was about 4 months old. There is not a lot we can tell about her development based on a report at 4 months old. She was not rolling over or grasping at toys yet, but these are skills that develop around 3-4 months. And considering how bundled she probably was from the time she was born in November until the report in March, it is not surprising at all. She laughs out loud, recognizes familiar people, likes to be surrounded by activity, likes quiet, likes music, and sucks her fingers. "She makes noises at people and animals" - I wonder what animals she encounters? Her personality is described as, "introverted, cheerful, lively and active. She has an exuberant energy, but sometimes she is relatively irritable." I love the expression on her face in one of the new pictures - like "what the heck is going on." Nikolai made a similar expression when we took him outside for the first time. I find it interesting that they appear to have photoshopped out someone's arm from behind her in one picture. It's not like we would expect a 4-month old to be able to sit up on their own.

These are the characters of her middle name
Jing 4 (modest, chaste) Xiu 4 (beautiful, elegant)

Usually Chinese names have a meaning that goes beyond the exact translation of the two parts. I don't know if that is true for Anya's name, but we hope to have a Chinese speaker give us their interpretation of her name.

These are the characters we would use for her first name (although a Chinese name would never have 4 characters plus a surname!)
An 1 (peaceful) Ya 3 (elegant, graceful, refined)
安 雅


Rachel Perash said...

She is so precious! I am dying for more information (as I'm sure you guys are).

Kristie Neumeister said...

We have been home with our daughter from Fuzhou since February. Her given name was Fu Jing Fan. I noticed that your daughter had the same middle name. Is that the name given to all babies who are abandoned in March in Fuzhou?
Interestingly-we also have an older daughter named Anya!
Congratulations on your baby. She is beautiful.

The Raudenbush Family said...

She's adorable. And, I'm totally into Chinese names. :) Love the rich meaning and picture representation of them. I work with Jiayin Designs and sell custom charms with Chinese names on them if you are ever interested. The woman who does the work in China always tells people her interpretation of the child's name as well. Really neat. Our daughter's name means "beautiful moon." :)