Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cute Things

When we pull into my parking space in the evening, Nikolai now happily proclaims “we’re home!”

Daycare has graham crackers for the kids on the way out the door. Nikolai eats his on the way home, biting them into various shapes such as cars, buses, lions, and kitty cats (or so he claims).

I took him with me to the grocery store this evening just to pick up a few things. As soon we parked he started crying, saying “no shopping, no shopping cart.” I assured him we would not get a cart and he could either walk or be carried. I handed the first item to him to carry and then put in the basket. Then he wanted to carry the basket, so we got a separate one for him. He was SO cute carrying it through the store and putting things he wanted in it. I let him keep most things (a toy chick, a pear, blue berries) but the cookies, candy and lettuce had to go back and the bananas were too heavy so they ended up in my basket. This was definitely not a quick shopping stop, but still a fun outing.

Driving home this evening I actually was able to figure out what song he was singing. He said “no! no more! No more!.. Doctor…jumping, jumping.” Can you figure it out? It’s the “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” song. Although he kept correcting me when I was singing; he said “no monkeys…doggies.” Maybe school sings it with doggies jumping on the bed? I doubt it, but who knows.

He has started memorizing parts of the books we read at night, and now “reads” them to us.

When we eat together, if I finish something, Nikolai will kindly ask “do you want more?”
Daycare has been working on opposites (up/down, big/small, left/right). All of a sudden he suddenly ‘gets’ big and small. He correctly identified the baby bears as small bears and the mama as a big bear. He got it right with his rock collection tonight too! It is amazing to watch him learn new things every day.

He plays air guitar, violin, mandolin, and piano.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nikolai is 2!!!!

Nikolai's birthday was Thursday. Due to the forcast for two feet of snow today and tomorrow (oh my), Chris's mom and my parents came down on short notice for a party. Nikolai had fun, and enjoyed the sports theme, with lots of footballs, soccor balls, etc. We had to relight the candles and sing to him twice. I did not finish his cake in time for the party, so we had little cakes from the store - which Nik assumed were his alone. When we did not produce a fork fast enough, he just leaned over and took a bite! We got his cake done, and sang to him again today.


What? Nothing to see here.