Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy "LID"iversary to US!

Today we celebrate our 2-year LIDiversary for China. There is some debate as to whether reaching the two year mark in waiting is actually a day to celebrate. After some consideration, I think it is definitely a day to celebrate! It brings to mind the emotions and excitement we felt when we began the process. Two years and 1 week ago today our dossier was sent to China (DTC). We had received our 171H only two days earlier and with the help of our agency’s courier managed to get it authenticated and submitted so that we did not miss the June 16 dossier submission date. I do not know if they still do things this way, but our agency used to only send dossiers every other week and since we were coming up on July 4, the next submittal date would have been in mid July. At the rate things are going in China, that would have added about 4 months to our wait! Plus, we would have missed being a part of the great June group on Rumor Queen. So we were DTC on June 16 and were then ecstatic to find out we were logged in 1 WEEK later. We had been told to expect our LID 30 to 60 days after DTC.

The best thing about this LIDiversary is that it is just a day to sit back and celebrate. We do not have to update anything this time since we had renewed our home study and background check in November when we began the Kazakhstan adoption.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

We do not have an update on the adoptions, but did find this picture of the MFA in Astana. Our dossier has been there for about five weeks. At some point the dossier will move to the Ministry of Education (MOE). Our coordinator has indicated, however, that we may not hear when this happens. So our next update will likely be notifying us of our region assignment! We then have to wait for an invitation to travel. We have A LOT to do before we would be ready to travel and definitely before we are ready to have a mobile baby in the house. It is hard to focus on the “to do” list, though, without any real idea of when we will travel. This is especially true having already had so much disappointment with the timing of our China adoption. Will three months turn into three years again? I don't think so, but it is still hard to assume that this adoption will really happen. (Or maybe we are just procrastinators who work better under pressure :-)