Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

How many peeps is it safe to feed a 1-year old? I made the mistake of working on my peep diorama for work and of eating a peep in Nikolai’s presence. Suddenly the colorful toys he was not allowed to have became a colorful food he was not allowed to have. He just sat there and cried pointing at the pile of peeps, so of course I gave in and gave him a taste. Sugar coated sugar is apparently now a new favorite food.

I took Nikolai to the grocery store Friday to pick out things for his Easter basket. Since he is young, I did not think it would matter if he saw everything in advance. When we got to the stuffed animals, I pulled out a cute, soft bunny and showed it to him. He glanced at it and then grabbed a bright pink care bear and held it to his cheek. We compromised with a yellow care bear. I would never have chosen a care bear myself, but I can see why he would – the bear is shaped like a person, it has big eyes, and a tuft of fur on top, which he kept playing with at the store. Nik then saw the rack of balls and kept saying “ball” so he got a batman ball for his basket. We finished it off with some Gerber puffs, pear baby food, bubbles, and a whole peep. When he opened the basket on Easter he pulled everything out, ate the peep, threw the bear aside and put the basket on shoulder like a hand bag. He really enjoyed the bubbles at bath time, though.

We spent Easter day in Pennsylvania, which was fun. Nikolai got to spend time with his Grammy, and Abby, the big black lab.
Yummm...A whole peep!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cut Off March 8, 2006 - 2 Days Matched!

I never thought I would be happy for CCAA to only match two days of LIDs. But it is a good thing this month. With the exception of January (which was better), in the past six months CCAA has matched between 22 and 63 people who responded to the Rumor Queen polls. If they continue at that rate we expect to receive referral around February of 2011. March 2006 is the largest month to date based on the polls – and March 7th is the largest day in March, with approximately 63 people on the RQ polls. So we were sort of worried that they would have difficulty matching even one day (although they have never done a partial day). But they matched two days! That includes 83 people based on the polls.

If CCAA can continue to match as many as they matched this month, we could see a referral as early as July of 2010 – seven months earlier than we are currently estimating! Of course that assumes this is not a fluke and they can match as many next month. January’s referrals included 85 people, and they followed that with a devastating month of 22 referrals. Today I choose to ignore the past and have hope!