Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Nauryz

Ready for the party
Playing with his dombra that Saule, Zhana, and Murat gave him when we left Astana

March 21 is Nauryz in Kazakhstan, although celebrations generally last one month. This spring festival is celebrated in many Muslim countries and the word comes from the Persian holiday. In Kazakhstan, however, Nauryz is really a secular celebration. It was reinstated when Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991 after being banned during the Soviet period. The day marks the beginning of the new year and renewal of nature. It makes so much sense to me to start a new year in spring and end the year at the end of winter. I do not like celebrating new years in the middle of winter - maybe I will start a movement to change the date. Actually I do not like to do anything in winter.

We attended a party for kids adopted from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on Saturday. It was fun to meet other people who have adopted and see their beautiful children. I got to meet Eileen and Audrey, whose blog I follow - so that was especially neat. Nikolai had fun, although he had a runny nose and was not his normal outgoing self. I just brought him to the doctor and found out he has a double ear infection - poor baby. Luckily I do not think he really interacted with the kids at the party, so hopefully he did not pass it on to anyone.

There were a few Kazakh students from GWU who came as well. GWU has a Kazakhstani student association, who plan various events. The students were taking email addresses so they can let us know if there are any events suitable for children. They also told me about a new Kazakh restaurant that opened in the Arlington area, which we will have to try.

Friday, March 13, 2009

6 Months

This week marks the 6 month anniversary of meeting our son. I cannot believe it has been so long! Looking back at the pictures is fun. He was so little! He still makes many of the same expressions. It is strange to realize how little we knew of his personality back then, even though he was already expressing it.

Week of September 9-12, 2008


Monday, March 2, 2009


What happened to the outside??

Hmm... Something I have never seen before - better taste it!

It's good! Snow is fun!

Just one more bite

Check out my snow mustache